Welcome to our Curiosity shop... Home to creations, gifts, vintage, home decor and curiosities.

Hi my name is Sue, Founder and owner of Suescuriosities68.

My Crafts and curiosity shop sells a varied range vintage and handmade craft items of all different varieties. This is why we chose to be a curiosity shop as you never quite know what's coming next and we have a very varied range of items.

Due to different family collaborators volunteering their time to craft our craft items, they are varied.
These focus on our interests which include steampunk fashion, gothic, fantasy, alternate, restoration and upcycling.

We are also a family of vintage and antique enthusiast so we also supply good quality vintage items which are sourced from various outlets, we especially like to try to find qwerky and curious items hence the shop name.

Shipping to the UK and USA on selected items. Please see each item details for USA shipping costs. Uk shipping costs are included in the overall price.

Feel free to message with any enquiries or order details.

We are on twitter, instagram and facebook and regularly post to them and release news and pictures of our crafting process on these. Click the links below to access these.
Feel free to browse, follow/favourite us and enjoy :)

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